Deepa Chandrasekhar

Deepa has been working as a consultant and a practitioner for over 12 years. She is a founder- director of Resonate Consulting and recently with ICube Consortium. She is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Australia and a member of the International Coaching Council (ICC); She is also certified in Appreciative Coaching accredited by ICF and a certified user of the Cultural Transformation Models and Tools (CTT) by Richard Barret and Associates LLC; In addition, she is also trained in group work processes and systems from the Institute of Group Analysis, London;

Her focus has been in coaching and Organizational Development. She coached individuals and groups to take on the responsibilities and challenges of the next level of leadership and also provide life coaching to senior executives in career transition. Her areas of work include design and facilitation of whole-system change and organization development (OD); Design and implement customer intimate, leadership focused people development systems and processes to facilitate evolutionary change; help teams and individuals push their boundaries to create possibilities & choices and Ignite the spirit of Transformation.

Deepa practiced her Coaching, OD and HRM expertise in parallel through her own entrepreneurial ventures even while consulting for other clients. She has been and continues to be a co-owner and director of a full-fledged medical diagnostic centre with accountability for strategy, day to day operations and directing the HR function. In addition, she was a director and shareholder of a health care organization that owned two 50 bed hospitals in Western India and employing ~200 people.

She brings an innate ability to hold and thrive on diversity and enjoyed the exposure and experience that came from the multi layered, multi-cultural diversity from her living and working across three continents in the world. She has travelled extensively to ~25 countries that added to a certain richness of her being.

Deepa is a post graduate in Social Work specialized in Criminology and Justice and in initial years worked with people accused of or convicted of legal offences in different continents like Asia, Africa and the UK in several areas like victims of crime; crime prevention; consumer education and monitoring & evaluating NGO’s working in the field of child rights etc.,

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