Who We Are

As leaders we share expertise to generate holistic and creative solutions.

Our approach to solution building is based on a belief that the most effective Human Capital Management structures are those which reflect and support the values, culture and business aspirations of an organization.

We are experienced professionals who:

  • IDEATE with you to define your current Human Capital needs and link it to your business aspirations;
  • INFLUENCE through knowledge sharing to prioritize Human Capital Focus and identify opportunities for Human Capital development
  • IMPLEMENT in collaboration with you to build  an effective Human Capital Capability, and to measure impact
We advise, then roll up our sleeves and provide execution support as well!

ICube Engagement ProcessOur Client wanted to demerge a particular business from their parent company. This business had a turnover of less than US$100m. It was important for them that the new entity functions independently of the parent company once the demerger took place.  Hence a comprehensive review of the HR functional capability as well as the Human Capital capability in its current state as well as an assessment of what is necessary for this spin off to be successful from its people management perspective was undertaken. It was also important that the existing employees   feel confident, secure, and happy about continuing to remain employed with this new entity.  Post the diagnosis with the top five leaders, we initiated and implemented the following:

  • ERP (HRIS), Payroll system and HR operations
  • HR policies manual and key processes
  • New structure, titles and grades
  • New performance management system
  • Benchmarking of competitive pay for key roles
  • Recruitment for two key roles
  • Create a retention model through a “stock option” scheme for the top 30 managers
We are strategic thinkers

A country operation in a multinational financial institution was rated at the bottom across its 13 country footprint for its HR functional capability and performance. The CEO considered the HR function a disappointment and HR director was inundated with multiple unresolved issues on a daily basis. With the initial diagnosis we discovered:

  • That key people related issues like performance management and compensation were challenges  that if resolved would have the highest positive impact on business results;
  • That if policy changes were made in areas like recruitment and promotions would result in greater transparency and therefore enhance management credibility
  • Those areas like employee engagement and organization alignment, which helped functional HR and business, connect to people to deliver on organizational values and culture building needed to be initiated.

The key HR managers and other influencers were brought together and a strategic roadmap created.

Detailed task and process maps were generated which engaged all 1100 people from the organization in the country with the view to build a robust performance culture.  18 months of team work regular monitoring and success measurement against clearly defined accountability criteria; resulted in the HR function being rated best in the region and an effective business partner.

We are described by our peers and clients as thought leaders and innovators

We developed ICE cube our diagnostic tool to make diagnosing organizational capability convenient, time and cost effective.

We ensured that it is web enabled so that our clients can use it on the go, simultaneously and seamlessly across borders.

We recognise that some organizations are self- sufficient and all they need is diagnostic data to get going.  ICE Cube diagnostic tool is built such that organizations can independently assess the current state of their human capital   then align it to business strategy

This tool is comprehensive and in depth. It allows the user to work with the data generated for a “look and see” or for accelerated solution building; for re-engineering; for company valuations; assessment of risk and Human Capital index; or just to get a fix on what’s next!

We start from where you are and journey with you.

We coachtored a small sized Singapore based Client Company to create, a HR strategy and executed it with a dedicated internal HRBP (HR Business Partner) support system, when it planned to ramp up growth and expand its work force from 50 to 150.

The objectives were:

  1. To ensure that the HR function has the skills and infrastructure to support the overall business strategy;
  2. Create a channel of communication between management and the employees;
  3. Manage the transformation and change through the HR function.

During this period of engagement, the practitioner led the following projects:

  • Creation of an HR policy manual
  • Creation of HR process manual
  • Study of best practices in employee engagement and rewards management (including a salary survey)
  • Research and advice on outsourcing of payroll and benefit administration to a third party vendor.
  • Mentoring an internal resource to up-skill to be a competent HR professional.

The HR function is now fully established in the company. We are now invited as subject matter experts to value add at a strategic level. Eg Leadership Coaching, Talent Management etc

We believe what gets measured gets done!

Our client was a SME Chemical Trading Company for whom we built a Performance Management system Linked to Rewards.  This 6 month long assignment required us to advise business on an appropriate rewards program.

The project objectives were:

  • To review existing performance appraisal process
  • To make appropriate adjustments to link it to a performance bonus plan comparable to those in similar companies.
  • To improve staff performance and appraisal system and management system to prepare to retain valuable employees towards the next leap of the company.
  • To formulate a bonus and variable bonus scheme that is comparable in the industry.
  • To formulate KPI system to measure work force performance that is related to variable bonus scheme.

The project was completed successfully and handed over to the client to run.

We are versatile and bring you customised solutions

We also have expertise and experience in:

Hubbing: We have devised a process which leverages technology to enable large organizations create a centre of excellence with standardized business processing ability. This centre is then able to migrate all its business processes to achieve efficiencies of scale and management.

Talent acquisition and management: Worked with a SEA regional bank to set up operations in India post licencing and regulatory authority approvals.   We started with identifying the CEO and the teams below; building capability; and providing support along with our partners to build the operating model required to get the business operational.

Capability development & Culture Building process: Working with clients in Oil & Hospitality industries, on issues related to problem solving, conflict resolution, collaboration and team work between the teams in different countries in SEA region.

We like to stay current about Human Capital Management practice and HR functional practice

At the back end of our tool is a dynamic data gathering and analysis system that keeps us up-to date on what’s happening on the human capital front in different industries around the world.  This enables us to keep abreast with how the human capital management cycle is evolving and what employees and employers are working on to stay market competitive.  We bring this understanding to our clients when we recommend action priorities and build solutions with them.

The report generated is supported with benchmarked data informing our clients about how they stack up vis á vis other players in their industry

Our practitioners (see profiles) have worked with some of the best global and local organisations in different industries with deep local knowledge of the markets we serve. We deploy the best available tools and techniques creating new products and services that address client needs.

We adhere to high ethical standards, aim to produce best practices and seek excellence for our clients.

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