Career and Succession Management


This Component aims to diagnose your career and succession Management framework, development process and whether it is integrated to groom successors for key positions to enable a pipeline of competent people. Equally imperative is a clear strategy to meet individual career aspirations while meeting organizational goals. Diagnosis will help understand where your organization stands and also help you to decide the way forward.

Benchmarking and Solution building

With benchmarked data we highlight your strengths and lesser strengths. Using the process below we work with our clients’ to build an effective career and succession management framework; and set up or improve capability to enable better outcomes from its processes.  Our expert practitioners can Coachtor (Coach and mentor) potential leaders to expand individual talent and enable career growth as well as ensure effective succession bench strength for critical roles.

Process cycle: career_
Organization Design and Restructuring:
  • Develop a career architecture for the organization based on business strategy and structure
  • Transition Management, for career management, including integration with other HR systems and processes as required, from current framework to the new.
  • Leverage technology to create a Succession Planning Framework and Development Toolkit


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