Mau Bank- Mauritius A medium sized bank from a merger of two banks

People strategy & business transformation of 2 banks integrated: People strategy assessment with ICE Cube generated prioritised needs & solutions.

  1. Performance management and balance score card- Created a performance management system with a balance score card and an analytical tool to drive an integrated PMS framework that rewards people based on a weighted average rating on performance, values, talent classification and market competitive data. Decision making with infographs and data analytics to enable investing in right people for productivity and retention.
  2. Values and Culture – Designed and launched “values” event followed by an initiative of 90 day journey to embed value behaviours, align people to Bank’s Vision, Mission, Strategy and goals. Culture building process initiated with projects under each of the values to embed behaviours, processes and drive desired change. Recognition programs being designed; culture definition and measurement processes initiated; workshops to be initiated on culture, innovation etc.
  3. Leadership sourcing and re-profiling- Key profiles at the top team level identified and sourcing completed to appoint two C level roles for the bank
  4. Reorganise HR function & build capability- Sourced key talent internal and external; restructured HR function and desired capability being built to align to business strategy and drive desired culture and performance
  5. Business Process re-engineering & Centre of Excellence- A massive transformation program launched to create a Central Processing Centre ( CPC) that would reengineer and hub ~150 business processes and drive efficiencies, enhance customer experience, improve TAT, relaunch retail products to enhance revenue, create Simplified, Standardised and Scalable processes to be “automation ready” and build a platform to drive growth.

Tenon Group, India and SEA – Security and Facilities Management

People strategy and transformation of Group companies – People strategy assessment with ICE Cube generated prioritised people roadmap for solution building

  1. Organisation structure : Review of structure and hierarchy to evaluate span of controls, decision making, matrix of authority and accountability; Specific recommendations implemented that enabled efficiencies and cost savings in the reorganisation.
  2. Grade, Title and Pay- Review, alignment and implementation of market driven titles and pay, aligned with internal parity.
  3. Leadership coaching and reprofiling- Key appointments with reprofiling and restructuring
  4. HR functional review and capability- Identify and recommend processes, policies and practices to align to business needs; enhance functional capability
  5. Learning and development – Set and support implementation of learning needs for key roles ( eg sales training)
  6. Review of high impact business processes- Review key changes, recommend automation solutions ( eg ERP) to ensure better TAT, enhanced Customer experience, reduce costs and grow revenue;

Mynt Group, Philippines:

People Strategy aligned to fast growing business leveraging ICE Cube

  1. CEO and his direct reports discovered their people strategy and priorities with ICE Cube
  2. Through a workshop identified the top 4 priorities
  3. Talent Acquisition strategy, employer brand to attract and retain talent
  4. Talent management framework
  5. Culture and values alignment to organisation
  6. Organisation structure and design review
  7. Implementation of priorities being done in-house by its competent HR team

Rogers Group- a large conglomerate in Mauritius

Transformation of an Aviation services company: Leveraged ICE Cube to create HCM strategy aligned to new pace of business growth

  1. Competency mapping and re-profiling- development of a framework for implementation
  2. Culture building – Workshops for senior management through Arbinger’s solution on “Developing and Implementing an outward mindset”
  3. Employer Brand Building- Developing a value proposition through an Employer branding workshop for key leaders
  4. Talent acquisition strategy – recommended a specific strategy based on the findings from the diagnosis

Standard Chartered Bank – a large British PLC

Drive strategic initiatives for the bank in its client coverage business globally

  1. Organisation redesign of the Client Coverage business globally :
    1. Complete review of end to end business processes to drive Client coverage business
    2. Improve processes, standardise client coverage structure, roles & responsibilities and people profile
    3. Implement new design across 26 countries globally to gain efficiencies and create reinvestment opportunities in key growth markets
    4. Gained efficiencies of ~9 USD annually
  2. Create three Centres of Excellence ( India, Dubai and China)
    1. Build capability at three centres for completing KYC processes for the business from across 30 countries
    2. Drive a global program to migrate key KYC processes into the 3 COEs.
    3. Management of change and communication to embrace change & mitigate risks
    4. COEs with 400 staff built and migrations completed.
  3. Culture Building initiatives for its HR function
    1. Leveraging Arbinger methodology, supported workshops on Developing and Implementing an outward mindset for its top 75 HR leaders globally

Other clients supported:

  1. Murphy Oil, SEA– Culture building initiatives for their teams in Vietnam deploying the powerful Arbinger Philosophy of “developing and implementing an outward mindset.

  2. Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore- Series of workshops and coaching leaders and senior managers on culture building with Arbinger methodology

  3. MCB, Mauritius – Diagnosed the need for building a stronger employer brand. Workshops and discussions to enable the bank’s HR and Brand team to learn, identify, create and implement an employer brand value proposition

  4. Beachcombers Hotels, Mauritius- In a competitive tourism sector with strong need to attract, retain and develop talent, identified the need for developing a strong EVP. Designed and enabled leaders to discover their EVP and implement to achieve desired results

  5. Birla Carbon, India

  6. Changi Airport, Singapore – With a design to create best in class terminal 4, the design team needed to reorient themselves with a different mindset to drive innovation and enhance customer experience in the new terminal. Leverage Arbinger’s “develop and implement outward mindset” to enable the team discover new frameworks to achieve desired outcomes for their roles

  7. Raiffeisen bank International, Singapore
    1. Reorganisation of the bank through restructuring created a need for better collaboration and effective process management
    2. Through Arbinger’s methodology enabled “development of mindset change”
    3. Followed through with sessions to implement key outcomes for better collaboration and change.

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