Why should you become our Partner?

Be a Partner and mutually benefit from the Consortium

Why should you become a partner of  ICube Consortium and what are the benefits?
 ICube’s mission statement is:
  •  To create a consortium of partners across the chosen foot print, to share knowledge and support with technology-enabled tools and best practices for their businesses to support their clients
  • To be the “Go To” company for benchmarks, best practices and technology-enabled human capital solutions for our clients and consortium of partners
partnerThe company was formed in 2011 with this mission and has included select consortium partners to be part of the company. The partners have their own businesses and have been supporting each other in the respective practices. However, we have realized that it’s not just the services that can bind the partners together but we need a powerful platform to connect and expand the network in as many countries that will help current and future partners. A “one-stop” solution builder to go to so that clients do not have to scramble around to identify right quality of practitioners to deliver to their needs.

We believe in mutual collaboration and protection of patents, copyrights and trademarks of our clients and consortium partners.

We see the roles of partners as under:
  • Thought leadership – Ideate
  • New product or service development– Ideate
  • Client origination – Influence
  • Sustain and grow client relationships- Influence
  • Expand foot print- Implement
  • Execution capability for projects- Implement
The ICE CUBE human capital diagnostic model is innovated to enable the following:
  • Connect with one million leaders across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, US and Europe to understand our creation and influence them to benefit from the tool- build a brand for I Cube and its consortium partners
  • Create opportunities for independent practitioners, boutique firms to leverage the tool through a formal certification process and originate client business.
  • The diagnosis is expected to follow with a solution building workshop and consulting practice assignments to support clients to achieve their desired human capital capability for their businesses
  • Create a college of HR professionals where we Coachtor HR practitioners as well as partner to build HR functional capability for the clients’ businesses. And expand it as a market place for thousands of practitioners who would like to a Coachtor or Coachtoree
  • Workshop models to build capability and execution model to provide part/flexi time resources for projects and initiatives for clients and large consultancy organizations

ICube Consortium is a model where people with similar values and relevant expertise come together to continue to drive innovation. Every two years, a practical tool, technique or a practice will be sponsored or funded to encourage practitioners to drive creativity and provide thought leadership for HR profession and the business world.

ICube Consortium, as the name suggests is a collaborative model with a strong belief that there is room for us all.

Join the consortium, contribute to mutual growth. Benefit from the expansive minds and expanded reach.

Get in touch with us – talktous@icubeconsortium.com – or refer to the process of becoming a partner.

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