Diversity, Inclusion, Sustainability and CSR

This component aims to diagnose your strategy, policy, practices and  measurement of  Diversity &  Inclusion, Sustainability &  CSR agendas  and  their  impact  on  business,  brand,  environment and the community at large

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is more than just tolerating and accepting differences or uniqueness of each person, it is the leveraging of the strength of a team’s differences to maximize productivity and performance. It necessarily entails actively creating a strategic framework with policies, processes and metrics to source, onboard, develop & integrate a diverse workforce and harness their differences and convert it into a strength.

DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that absolute clarity of the ThemeDiversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and CSR Strategy contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall capability of the component. So do you have a clear strategy for D&I and how it benefits your business? Is there a Sustainability agenda and where does CSR fit within the overall organizational vision and strategy?


Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Simply put, at the heart of sustainability, is a responsibility for organizations and individuals, to manage the current resources efficiently to enjoy and ensure similar or better quality of life, to be shared with future generations and the community they thrive in.  Corporate Sustainability Agenda (CSA) has three pillars- social, economic and environmental. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), on the other hand, is about organizations taking responsibility for their impact of doing business, primarily, in the markets they are present- resource consumption, physical environment and communities, and measures they take to promote social and environmental change, beyond regulatory compliance. Both CSR and CSA are weaved to form an integrated strategy for their contributions and measurement (eg Triple Bottom Line- TBL Reporting) for organizations.

Where are you as an organization and how can we help?

Some critical questions to ask for your review are:

  • Strategically, what does sustainability mean to your organisation?
  • What is your CSA and CSR agenda? Is it aligned with organisational vision, mission and strategy
  • How will it help you internally and externally for your business?
  • How will you engage your workforce and ensure the agenda is championed by them?
  • How will you build a culture of innovation under the Sustainability agenda?
  • What measures and metrics, integrated with performance and recognition, will you set in place to ensure consistency of execution?

Our Deliverables include:

  • Provide insights from the benchmarking studies to help clients understand global better practices on both D&I and Sustainability agenda
  • Prepare a broad strategy, identify potential areas for initiatives and engagement of workforce
  • Develop a policy and processes in alignment with organizations’ vision, mission and strategy
  • Facilitate creation of governance structure and process for implementation of various initiatives
  • Evaluate the implementation of projects for their effectiveness and advise improvements
  • Measure the impact created by various initiatives and help communicate to all stakeholders

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