Employer Brand Value


This component aims to assess the Employer Value Proposition of your organization to enhance contribution to brand equity for all stakeholders

At its simplest level, employer branding is the perception of your organisation as an employer – influencing the decision of people to join your organisation and grow with it while at the same time giving existing employees a reason to stay and grow. It is about a set of features and qualities, most often intangible yet measurable, that makes your organisation distinctive, promising a particular employment experience (Employer value Proposition), and appeals to those people who will able to thrive and perform their best in its culture. In our experience in building an employer brand external benchmarking to build an employer brand is actually, almost the last thing to do, not the first!

DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the ThemeAccountability for Employer Value Proposition contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall Effectiveness of the component. So do you have an EVP and who drives it? Does it get measured and aligned with performance and rewards of individuals and teams? Do they know?

A strong employer brand starts with the overall brand management cycle connecting an organisation’s values, people strategy and HR policies and be linked to the company brand.

An analysis deploying this cycle below gives a holistic approach to your EVP and brand promise.


Our deliverables include:
  • Collaborating with the right partner, develop an Employer Value Proposition based on
  • Identity (Organization Reality) – people philosophy, culture, values, employee feedback, perception, learning and growth opportunities, reward and recognition etc,
  • Image (External Opinion) – labour market research, candidate experience, public opinion etc
  • Profile (Organization’s intent) – internal and external market positioning, organization’s marketing plan etc
  • Benchmark with relevant best practices for continuous improvement towards becoming an employer of choice
  • Develop your Employer Brand, Communication Strategy, Plan (Internal & External) and Implementation Toolkit



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