Build HR Functional Capability

College of HR Professionals: A Consortium of HR professionals who build HR Functional Capability for organizations.

HR Functional Capability is distinct from People Capability. While People Capability refers to the knowledge, skills, experience and general ability that is required to run a business, HR Capability refers to the knowledge, skills experience, and expertise that the HR function possess in order to enable business achieve results consistently.

HR-Functional Capability

Before embarking on building the functional capability, we help you first get to grips with what you would like built.

Step one: Administer ICE Cube to Diagnose and Assess:
  • Human capital needs and priorities for the business.
  • Level at which your HR function is operating on the capability continuum
  • Organization position vis-à-vis the market through the benchmark data.

Step two: Articulate the current and future state of your HR function. Align it to business strategy for the medium term i.e. 3-5 years.

Step three: Map the HR Target Operating Model (TOM)* that you want to create. Declare the key milestones to reach end state

Step four: Agree on the transformation journey steps. Place measurable metrics, project governance, and key as well as quick milestones indicators.

Step five:  Continuous review and alignment of the HR function and its people capability over a set time period to ensure business results are achieved.

*A typical TOM (Target Operating Model) approach would have the following elements:


Target Operating Model

Our deliverables include:
  • Learning workshops to up-skill HR business partners on relevant HR subjects
  • Diagnosis of your HR function aligned to your strategic agenda
  • Creation of a HR Target Operating Model
  • Process reengineering support
  • Project governance and guidance in execution
  • Change management and communication plan
Typical situations for functional capability building
  • Existing HR function that need transformation to match the pace of business growth
  • Enhancing HR Capability in new regions pre/ post expansion.
  • HR function that needs to increase capability to keep pace with growth already achieved
  • Merger or Acquisition requires a complete diagnosis and review of HR functional capability versus organisational need and/or matching the capability of the two entities



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