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ICube Coachtoring

COACHTOR©: a practitioner’s practitioner who Ideates, Influences and Implements; an external resource, partnering with an internal resource, with a common purpose and measurable goals.

A powerful combination of a trusted advisor, content expert with both thought & execution leadership, solution creator and a coach with a successful organizational track record



  • Consciously blending Coaching and Mentoring to  aggregate and speed up learning in a specialist  training situation
  • A way by which organizations can develop experts on the job without sending the “Coachtee” to school for advanced training.
  • A process that combines self-learning, guiding, and advising.
Difference between coaching, mentoring and Coachtoring©
Area of exploration Coach Mentor Coachtor©
Role Enable accomplishment of goals by changing perspective. Monitor and guide self-discoveryGoal driven Enable overall development; Teach, Guide and AdviceRelationship driven Enable specific learning of skill or knowledge and overall self-growth; Both goal and relationship driven
Person Expert in bringing out people potential leading to performance; often an external resource; Trusted adviser, senior within the organisation; internal resource; Content expert; trusted advisor & senior practitioner;  external resource;
Approach Enables discovery of solutions; heightens self-awareness & development through self-learning and new practices. Guides new insights; Offers solutions; knowledge transfer; expert guidance on how things work internally; shares company history; Offers solutions, knowledge transfer, enable self-development with new practices; provide new insights
Duration Short term, 3-6 months Medium term- Upto one year or longer Medium term, upto one year or longer
Measurement Outcome and goal measurement Development driven; individual’s success in learning and self-growth Measures of individual upskilling and organisational performance
Feedback loop Involves Immediate manager Involves other seniors, not in supervision hierarchy Involves immediate manager as well as business leader
Commercials Commercial arrangement No commercials Commercial arrangement
Relationship Formal and professional Informal and personal Both formal and informal
Mutual Trust Important and essential for progress Essential and foundation for progress Essential for personal and professional growth
Related comparative Observer and Guide Counsellor and Teacher Partner
Metaphor On the sides in a football game. Observes, motivates, stretches potential to do better On the field, a senior player, inspires to do better and tells how On the field, supports to score goals, inspires and hand-holds on the how


Valuable when:
  • CHROs and their teams need to drive initiatives that require application of in-depth expertise and experience.
  • Individuals or teams need to be identified and up skilled on specific Human capital management dimensions/components – e.g. talent management, rewards
  • Customised solutions on specific subjects of expertise eg Resourcing, Leadership Development is needed
  • HR managers need support to execute organizational initiatives
  • Solutions need to be provided and people need to be inspired with proven results, before asking them to implement
  • Concepts need to be shared to influence learning before supporting them to drive a process that works
  • Trustworthy relationships need to be built first with the team, before driving tasks
  • Tailored Human Capital solutions and execution is needed.
  • A little support enables HR practitioners enhance their potential, improve individual performance and drive organisational results.
  • External support is needed to bridge the gap between business expectations and existing HR skills.
  • An organization completes the ICE Cube diagnosis and the HR team needs to Ideate, Influence and Implement the strategic roadmap.
  • Expertise and hands-on guidance on process, solution and execution in specific areas of human capital management – eg Organisational alignment to vision and strategy, engagement interventions, culture building
  • Setting up new HR management related verticals
  • Individuals and teams need to be assessed against the desired capability framework

ICube Coachtoring process


Who it is for
  • Practitioners to support application of expertise to build confidence in order to influence business on Human Capital matters.
  • HR practitioners to enhance their potential improve individual performance and drive organisational results.
  • HR professionals requiring to move from transactional HR to strategic  HR
  • Leaders who are new to the organisation and need support to understand and build the Human Capital capability
  • HR professionals in organizations ramping up HR to meet strategic business goals
  • Up skilling existing HR team to meet the organization’s Strategic HR needs.
  • Honing subject matter expertise
  • Individuals who need to be coached to enhance their capability, effectiveness or both





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