Solution Building Workshop

ECube Workshop

A unique process design to partner with clients and enhance their business performance

ICE Cube Diagnosis Workshop

Once you complete the ICE CUBE diagnosis, an iCube practitioner will send you a report and engage you and your team to highlight key findings and clarify your understanding of the report. Most clients prefer to invest time to finalise a strategic human capital road map for the business.

What is an ECube workshop?
A one day workshop design to Engage, Enable and Energise with outcomes as under:
  • Establish concrete hypotheses, discuss recommendations and identify tailored solutions for your human capital strategic agenda.
  • Clarity and Way Forward- Prioritise strategic roadmap
Agenda of the workshop
  • Understand the business strategy for immediate and medium term
  • Context setting of the model, tool and iCube’s support
  • Share the current state of the organisation from the diagnosis
  • Discuss the report(s) – individuals and aggregate; Collect data in the meeting to finalise 3-4 priorities aligned to individual business and the overall organisation.
  • Get into the trenches with Action Score cards-
    • Delve deeper into the themes (what is working well and what need review) within each component that are identified and agreed as priorities.
    • Understand the analysis from the benchmarking studies on the performance contribution of each theme to the overall component.
  • Highlight correlations and benchmarking data along with clusters of cohesive themes and components that help form key levers to build/enhance capability or effectiveness or both
  • Identify and agree best possible solutions and better practices from the experiences of iCube team that lead to desired outcomes
  • Recommend next steps with clarity on way forward

This workshop is a call to action for organisations to bring their leaders together to review their human capital roadmap.

iCube facilitator will be delighted to support you in your journey from Prioritisation to Implementation to enable you to achieve business results. Where required the consortium will find relevant specialist partners to fulfil client needs.

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