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A global first. Built by ICube Consortium.

 ICE Cube – A technology and web-enabled Human Capital Diagnostic Tool for medium, large, growing and transforming organizations.

If ever you feel perplexed because you cannot put your finger on why the Human Capital in your organization is performing at less than its best, this diagnostic tool will tell you where to focus your attention.




  • Complete all five dimensions or choose to do two/three/four dimensions to suit your business needs and organization scale.
  • Start, Stop, Review, Start…Go back and forth, save and continue, any number of times without losing your data
  • Allows you to objectively discover and determine the strengths of your Human Capital and build a strategic people agenda.
Structured and Scalable
  • Simultaneous, multi-location diagnosis across your foot print
  • A calculator helps you decide the ideal number of dimensions and number of people who need to review your organization’s Human Capital management based on your employee size, geographic foot print and budget
  • However we recommend that at least two people from your company respond. Preferably one from business and one from HR.
  • Comprehensive and deep dives into your organization. All five dimension questionnaire takes between 120-150 minutes to complete. But, you can take breaks without losing data. So go ahead take breaks! This tool is comprehensive, yet cost and time-efficient.
  • Customized reports by industry, country can be made available.
A Report with global benchmarks

This detailed and comprehensive report is an indicator of the health of your organization’s Human Capital Management practices.

In the final analysis you will know how, where, why and how much you need to invest in People Practices to improve your business results.

  • Report sent to you within 24 hours of submitting data. An extensive analysis reviewed by experienced practitioners delivered to your inbox.
  • The report that you receive is easy to read, with graphs, visuals and summary tables, listing of your top strengths and a pathway to change.
  • All 20 components are assessed separately for capability and effectiveness and Importance.
  • Individual reports for each respondent and an aggregated report for the organization that enables internal benchmarking across the foot print.
  • Action Score-card summarizing your organizations Capability and Effectiveness across all the dimensions, ranked in order of business importance and priority
  • Dynamic and real time benchmarking ensures that the comparison with practices of different organizations globally is current and relevant (current data of 1000+ companies).
  • Discovery sessions with your respondents and/or leaders to enable consistent understanding of the diagnosis and its recommendations

Sample Visuals

Human Capital Diagnosis Score Card

Human Capital Capability & Effectiveness

Foundations of the model and the tool

  • Developed with inputs from theoretical frameworks on Human Capital Management practices, best practice research, domain experts and contributions from 80+ CXOs, HR practitioners and academia.
  • Based on the principles of capability maturity model, to capture all areas of Human Capital Management that represent an employee life cycle
  • Designed to measure 5 dimensions, twenty components and 170 themes across three levels of capability to arrive at a holistic picture of your organization’s Human Capital Capability and Effectiveness, organized by Importance for your business.
  • Correlation studies and regression analytics established clusters of interrelationships between themes and components for customized solutions to support clients

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