We didn’t want to generate reports and analysis headed for the obscurity.
So we created ICE Cube © – The Organizational Human Capital Diagnostic Tool that generates an Action Score Card.
ICube is a comprehensive review of your Human Capital Management practices captured visually in a single document.

In our years of leading and executing business aligned HR strategy in large local and global organizations, we found that human capital assessments can be time-consuming, expensive standalone exercises, sometimes unrelated to an organization’s business needs. We know that understanding human capital strengths and weaknesses cannot be disconnected from overall business objectives.

ICE Cube facilitates formulation of a Strategic People Agenda that helps you drive growth and change.

This tool:.
  • Leverages the expertise of our partners who are global CXOs, HR professionals and subject matter experts
  • Reports are vetted by experts with more than 250 years of combined experience at their fingertips

At the heart of this tool is a desire to maximize Human Capital Management to achieve business results. We’ve sifted through popular HR theories, human capital management best practices, engaged leaders across countries and reviewed case studies from multiple industries to arrive at 5 Dimensions and 20 cohesive components that measure the health of your Human Capital practices.

This tool is valuable for:
  • Parent organizations desirous of conducting a simultaneous dipstick across their foot print
  • PE firms while conducting due diligence before acquiring a company or post acquisition pit-stop review
  • CEOs and HR leaders to conduct a pit stop review at the start of a new assignment to generate prioritized action plans or to assess their preparedness for the future.
  • Conducting a dipstick of human capital needs aligned to business for growth organizations
  • Enabling Regulators independently discover what is working or not working and create a pathway to change in each of the businesses or geographies
  • Assessing people risk and for HR audits
So now….

Would you like to have analytics for HR like you do for every business function?

Have you identified action steps that can make your human capital work more efficiently and effectively for your business?

Is it time to read the pulse of your Human Capital?

How close is your understanding of the Human Capital of your competitors’ vis-à-vis you?

Does your organization differentiate between people capability required for your business and HR capability required to support your business?

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