Human Capital Index


This component aims to measure the value addition of your human capital’s   capability to translate your Vision, mission, strategy and goals.

Human Capital Index (HCI) measures how well an organization makes use of the ability of an individual or team to perform and create shareholder value through their competencies, knowledge and expertise. A higher human capital index year on year, indicates better management of human capital by the organization. In general, human capital index is a measure of effective human resource management.




DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that measuring the ThemeHuman Capital Metrics contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall capability and Effectiveness of the component. So do you have the right HC metrics to measure productivity, performance, shareholder value and Financial Value Addition (FVA) year on year?

Benchmarking and solution building

It is clearly established that the best practice in HCI is a measurement process (including establishing a relationship between employee engagement and productivity), and not the measures themselves. Beginning with what to measure is like putting the cart before the horse. The culture and the process have to be evaluated and then solutions are recommended to make it effective year on year.

  • Do the metrics you are measuring currently enhance shareholder value?
  • Does your HCI help to attract and retain talent?
  • Does your current HCI help to increase the valuation of your company?
  • Will your HCI enable consistent repeatable performance?

We can help you understand the pulse of the organisation with what is being measured currently and how well it is working or not, followed by creating a framework and execution roadmap to institutionalise.

Our deliverables include:
  • Review the current state of your measurement of Human Capital Index / Analytics
  • Define human capital metrics that will help analyze performance and predict future performance against business and People Strategy
  • Design score card that reflects all Human Capital metrics to make meaningful decisions
  • Develop appropriate need based systems and processes for data capture, analysis, reporting and dissemination of insights from the analytics to various stakeholders
  • Support in identifying technology solutions to generate HCI and HR Analytics

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