ICE Cube tool is the PENTAGON modelled, a unique  Human Capital Diagnostic technology and web enabled tool. Based on research conducted and studies done by experts, the design for this tool evolved into a comprehensive set of 5 key Dimensions and 20 Components of Human capital,  which helps you identify exact issue of Human Capital need that you will have to address. Thus it provides direction for a way forward facilitating identification of right practises where you will invest money for enhancement of performance and Value. It has lots of features making it scalable, easy and very convenient to work on it.

Run over the pentagon below to learn about themes that will be addressed in each component.

TRY our complimentary offer if you want to have a feel, right now and then once you are ready to go, BUY it to take a journey and a deep dive into all dimensions to understand your  real human capital needs or you have a choice to go thru specific set of two /three/four selective dimensions only you have in mind.



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