Complimentary Diagnosis

ICE Cube Complimentary Diagnosis

Your Complimentary diagnostic report will be emailed to you
after completing the diagnosis.

P3: People Practice Pulse TM

People Practice Pulse in 24 minutes max

  • Choose a people management practice from 31 practice areas
  • Assess the maturity of the practice area
  • Receive an instant level of maturity report with recommended actions

ICE Cube®

Match your people management practices with your business needs

  • Pick people management practice areas that are critical to your business  from the Pentagon Model©
  • Dive deep to assess the capability and effectiveness of those people management processes, policies, practices and systems
  • Receive a detailed customized report.
    • Discover the most important processes, policies, practices, or systems that are impacting your business.
    • Discover the interplay between the 31 practice areas
  • Take advantage of the workshop to build solutions and action plans
  • Tweak processes, policies, practices, or systems to support your business.

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