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Knowing is just one half of the story. Knowing how to fix it is the other half!

ICE CUBE is a business person’s diagnostic tool. It recognizes that good people management practices keep a business running smoothly.

It assesses, pragmatically, if your people management policies, processes, systems and practices, are capable, effective, and mature enough to work for a business.

ICE Cube allows you to pick from 30 different HCM practice areas to discover, in-depth, what is working and what is not working for your business.

The report is not just a set of graphs but provides clear directions and recommendations on how to build a HCM strategy that is right for your business.

Do you know which of your HR policies, processes, systems and practices need tweaking to be capable, effective and mature enough to deliver for your organization?

ICE Cube shows you how to get them business ready.



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What you see is simple; what you do not see isn’t simplistic!

It took 5 HR professionals with an average of 25 years of experience each, and bunch of seasoned tech wizards to take the fuzz out of Human Capital Management.

First, we consolidated all things Human Capital Management practice into a simple model called THE PENTAGON MODEL©

Second, we divided the pentagon into 30 practice areas and used technology to help you assess – from the comfort of your personal internet enabled device – how well your HCM practice works for your business

Third, we used statistical co-relations to determine which ones, and how the 30 HCM practice areas interact with each other to deliver the most effective HCM outcomes.

Fourth, we created a dynamic benchmarking process to let you know how your peers manage their people management practice

Fifth, we deliver to your email box a report that is a clear, concise, directional, and pragmatic approach to building a people management practice that your business will love!

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