International Mobility and Global Mindset

This component aims to assess your International mobility strategy, policy and practices to build the required capability and a global mind-set amongst your people to grow internationally

DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the ThemeBuild capability to work internationally contributes the most in percentage terms, towards overall capability of this component. So is your international mobility strategy articulated and cascaded? What initiatives do you drive to build a global mind-set and how do you measure them?

international-mobilityToday’s global mobility practices have evolved from simple “location transfer “ to the emergence of ‘Global careerists’ According to McNulty & Inkson, global careerists are those who will live in whatever location suits their purpose at the moment while building career skills that are not organization or location specific. Global careerists—who are often high performers—will continue to become more nimble, savvy, and demanding. Organizations need to ensure that they have the right strategic processes in place to administer a more integrated talent management program within their mobility offering.

While robust strategies, policies and processes are required to manage international mobility effectively, holistic approach with focused initiatives in areas encompassing recruitment, learning cross border goal setting, rewards and key HR processes are necessary for building a global mind-set.

International Mobility Policy and Process
  • Build business case for talent mobility to support international business growth
  • Support developing talent mobility plan based on business needs and as integral part of talent development strategy
  • Develop international mobility policy and processes through benchmarking of best practices
  • Integrate international mobility policy and processes with other key HR processes
  • Support identification of right technology solutions, specialist vendors for relocation, taxation
  • Create a framework with clear objectives of developing a global mind-set, and link its process,  and outcomes to business performance


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