Knowledge Management Learning and Development

This component aims to diagnose knowledge management infrastructure, Learning & Development strategy, framework, processes and the organization’s ability to design, deliver and drive the learning and development function.

DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the ThemeProcess of Knowledge & Skill development contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall capability of the component. So do you have the right processes to build and implement your Knowledge Management framework and your L& D agenda aligned to your business?


Historically, money, machinery, materials and manpower have been considered as valuable assets but in today’s digitised world ‘Knowledge’ is being increasingly valued as the most important asset. Unless organizations openly accept, facilitate efforts to gather, store, sort, transform and share knowledge – Explicit (Know What) and Tacit (Know How) – it will be lost. Reportedly 90% of knowledge in organizations are embedded and synthesized in peoples’ heads and there would be knowledge loss with attrition, and knowledge erosion when history is forgotten or not captured. Therefore, appropriate strategies, policies, systems, tools and frameworks are required to effectively capture and leverage existing knowledge. Building and cultivating learning culture, investing in Knowledge, Learning Management Systems and adopting innovative techniques and methodologies support organizations in retaining their competitive edge.

  • Develop and Integrate your Knowledge Management, L&D Strategies aligned with your HR Target Operating Model (TOM) and Business Strategy
  • Identify and support implementation of innovative HR technology solutions
  • Evaluate and revamp your KM and L&D policies and processes
  • Develop a strategy to implement new L&D Solutions such as gamification, mobile and social platform for learning delivery
  • Ensure integration with other key component processes to achieve holistic outcomes

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