Leadership Development

This component aims to assess your leadership development strategy; framework; process;aswell as its ability to build leaders and develop bench strength.

DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the ThemeObjectives of Leadership Development contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall Effectiveness of this component. Is your organisation clear about the outcomes of investing in leadership development? Is it about building a pipeline of leaders or groom to do better in their current roles or both? Or are there any unstated goals operating in the background?

leadershipOrganizations with the highest (number of) quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom-line metrics such as financial performance, quality of products and services, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.”

Source: Great Leadership

Leadership effectiveness is the key differentiating factor that will determine the culture and performance of the organization overall. Excellent leaders are more likely to make the right decisions, attract, retain and inspire their employees to reach greater heights. All of this increases the probability of success. Most successful organizations have some form of leadership development process or program to develop current and potential leaders. These questions would probably trigger your thinking:

  1. How clear is your leadership development strategy?
  2. Is your current processes and practices framework to identify, engage and develop leaders effective?
  3. What initiatives and programs do you need to build or strengthen your leadership pipeline?
  4. How effective are your company’s initiatives in consistently producing the kind of leaders that you require?
Our deliverables include:
Business Leadership Coaching
  • Define Leadership Capabilities / Competencies required by your organization to execute business growth strategy and achieve business results
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive coaching strategy and plan with measurable outcomes, timelines and investment ( including the tools to be deployed)
  • Monitor and review the progress against the pre-defined goals, success measures and outcomes
Leadership Talent Pipeline and Succession Management
  • Develop Leadership and Successor Development Strategy & Plan
  • Define and develop framework of leadership identification process, capabilities required at various levels
  • Support identification of critical roles for achieving business success and identify potential successors for the critical roles
  • Establish success measures and outcomes to assess the impact and review progress


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