Rewards Programs



DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the Theme– Types of Reward Programs contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall capability as well as effectiveness of the component. So do you have a well-defined reward strategy aligned to business? Do they deliver desired outcomes to different employee groups? Are they well cascaded and linked to performance?




The framework we follow with our clients on enhancing effectiveness of their reward programs is shown below:


Our deliverables in collaboration with specialist partners would include:
Total Rewards Strategy and Programs
  • Assess the effectiveness of current reward programs through Industry Benchmark Surveys, Voice of Employee Surveys, Focus Group Discussions, Stakeholder Interviews
  • Design Total Rewards Strategy aligned with the organization’s reward philosophy, competitive market best practices, employees and stakeholders feedback
  • Develop Total Rewards Programs including compensation, benefits, R&R Programs, Short Term and Long Term Incentives, Personal and Professional Development, Work Life Balance Develop Change Management and Communication plan for execution
  • Support in execution of Total Rewards Strategy and Programs linked to measurable outcomes such as talent retention, employee engagement, business performance and results
  • Evaluate the impact of Total Rewards Strategy and Programs

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