Structure, Grades Title and Pay

The themes included in this component diagnose whether your organization has a robust structure with appropriate grades, titles and pay in alignment with your organizations’ needs and benchmarked with the industry. It also assesses your organization’s ability to periodically review organization design to respond to market trends and industry demands.

Our global benchmark data shows that the theme “Framework of Structure, Grades, Title and Pay” has the highest impact on building the overall capability of the component. So do you have the business aligned organisation structure, market benchmarked titles, grades and competitive pay to attract and retain talent?

structureA purpose-fit organisation structure and a continuous improvement review process in response to market changes and business demands, gives a company a strong foundation. A structure is intended to clarify roles and responsibilities, authority and accountability to harness the productivity of the workforce. Structures are designed and driven for efficiency, adaptable to change and aligned to future growth strategy. Equally important is the grading structure, titles and pay alignment to the market so as to remain competitive.



Our deliverables include:
Organization Design, Job Analysis, Evaluation:
  • Design / Review organization structure, management layers and levels vis-à-vis the organization’s management philosophy, business strategy and goals
  • Design / Review the Span of Control at various levels and analyse their effectiveness
  • Conduct Job Analysis and Job Evaluation, and align to structure, grades and titles
  • Define / Refine job descriptions with roles, responsibilities, authority and knowledge, skills and competencies required
  • Comprehensive plan for implementing the organization design and structuring / restructuring

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