Ways of Working and Engagement


This component aims to review the stated or operating norms and culture that govern the work culture in the organization.

Described simply, an organization’s ways of working and its culture can be stated as – this is the way we do things around here- the way we do business, serve clients, treat people, take decisions or contribute to the communities in our chosen markets.





DID YOU KNOW? Our global benchmark data shows that the ThemeOrganizational norms, rules and guidelines contributes the most in percentage terms, towards building the overall capability as well as effectiveness of this component. Do you have stated norms and guidelines on the work culture in your organization? Are there fundamental differences between stated versus operational norms? How are decisions taken? Are mistakes tolerated? Is conveying bad news encouraged? Does the whistle blower gets recognized or ostracized?

Proven tools and tested processes are implemented depending on the stage of the organization. Some examples of the tools and techniques that the practitioners are certified to and deploy for clients are:

  1. Leadership Culture Survey™ identifies the gap between desired versus actual culture
  2. Richard Barrett’s “Cultural Transformation tools” – diagnosis and a road map to culture and institution building
  3. Arbinger’s methodology – a powerful phenomenon with solutions that are never expected- (best seller books “Leadership and Self-Deception” and “Anatomy of Peace”, both rated as amongst the top 20 books recommended in a recent survey in June 2015)
  4. Appreciative Inquiry- the popular 5D model for OD interventions to drive transformational change and deliver powerful outcomes


Properly understood, organizational culture is actually the way in which an organization’s real work gets accomplished. We use an organization’s own key success measurements as an indication of impact.

Our deliverables include:
  • Assess the current work culture and organization culture through organizational climate survey, Leadership Culture Survey and analyse results
  • Define the work culture and desired culture- ensure all key processes are aligned
  • Support in the implementation of initiatives and intervention for culture and institution building
  • Set up governance process, structure and mechanism to support it’s implementation
  • Monitor and review the changes and impact of various interventions
  • Support institutionalizing desired cultural elements

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